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With This Day

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"With this day comes the possibility for new joy. You can choose, right now, to embrace and fulfill that possibility, or you can choose to ignore it.
With this day comes the opportunity to move forward, to get positive and useful and meaningful things done. You can grab that opportunity and run with it, or you can let it drain away.
This day comes to you filled with great promise. This day gives you time and space and resources with which to enrich your life and your world.
Instead of making judgments about what this day might bring, make firm and positive decisions about what you will do with it. Choose your most desirable direction and then use every moment to work your way forward in that direction.
Right now, you have the privilege of living this day. Remind yourself of how truly fortunate you are, and resolve to make the most of your immense good fortune.
With this day comes the precious and unique gift of your life. Gratefully accept and embrace that gift, and live every moment with positive purpose. — Ralph Marston (Read more: here)"
Sejak kapan ak begitu serius? Wah, udah 10 tahun terakhir begini kali :) Tulisan di atas adalah kutipan dari blog Bapak Ralph Marston seorang motivator ternama yang kutemukan saat tahun 2010 lalu di twitter. Tulisan di atas semoga bisa memotivasi diri saya sendiri, keluarga dan tentunya jama'ah sekalian *KetokMicrophoneMimbar

'Seize the Day' kata Avenged Sevenfold, 'Carpe Diem' kata Green Day. Have a good day :)
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